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RV Site Rates

Utility charges are extra for monthly and annual residents.
See Additional Notes in the Rate Details below.

  Reg. Prem. Luxury
Daily $52 $57 $62
Weekly $295 $320 $345
Monthly $669 $759 $849

Season Equals 3 Months Or More:

Premium Lots $200. Per season (additional 400-800 sq. ft. concrete)

Luxury Lots $325. Per season (additional 800 sq. ft. concrete)

Luxury and Premium lots must have a 3-month reservation

New residents pay for three months fourth month FREE

Prepay Discount Rates

  Reg. Prem. Luxury
2 Months $1,294 $1,394 $1,494
3 Months $1,826 $2,026 $2,151
4 Months $2,286  –  –
5 Months $2,673  –  –
6 Months $2,988  –  –

Permanent Rates

Annual 6+6 (6 in/ 6 out): $3,290
Annual Year Round: $3,520

Permanent Sites Payment Options:

Semi-Annual Payments; due on the 1st of October and April

  • Year-Round: $1,785.00
  • 6+6: $1,670.00

Quarterly Payments; due on the 1st of October, January, April and July

  • Year-Round: $894.00
  • 6+6: $837.00

Monthly Payments; due on the 1st of every month (October – September)

  • Year-Round: $309.00
  • 6+6: $289.00

Rate Details:

  • Daily and weekly rates include electric, water, sewer and trash service.
  • All monthly and annual lot residents will be charged for electric.
  • Electric Cost: Electricity is sub-metered by Seven Oaks Resort. Bills are calculated pursuant to PUC subst R.25.142 (1)(G)
  • No administrative charge will be added according to Texas State Law.
  • A deposit of $300 plus charge for premium and luxury sites is required to hold a designated lot on a first come first serve basis.
  • Deposits will be refunded if requested in writing AND is received on or before September 1st. An administration fee of $100 will be charged for all cancellations.
  • No refunds after September 1st. No refunds for late arrivals or early departures.  After September 1st if you are unable to travel due to health reasons, you must provide a written statement from your physician.  If you are unable to travel due to a death of an immediate family member, you must provide a written request along with a death certificate or published obituary.
  • All rental rates are based on a party of two.  There will be a $2 per day charge for each additional person.
  • 14 day limit on guests, all guests must be registered & wear a name or Guest badge when about on the property.
  • Rigs may be washed once upon arrival and once before departure. You must have a spray nozzle or water control device on the end of the hose.  DO NOT let the water just run.

Pets are welcome – see pet guidelines


Management reserves the right to reject a reservation request, renew a rental and utilize vacant lots.  Management assumes no responsibility for accidents, injury or loss caused by resident, guest or otherwise.

Seven Oaks Resort is not responsible for any theft or utility interruption.